The staff was very professional, helpful, welcoming, and had a caring nature.  I would recommend this office to anyone needing hand therapy.  Scott C.

I had injured my thumb by falling and jamming it playing soccer.  I went to HTNW for rehab as recommended by my doctor.  From day one, the entire staff made me feel like we were friends for years and gained my trust within the hour.  Their attention to detail was spectacular.  They took such good care of me.  David W.

The people at Hand Therapy NW are the friendliest health professionals ever!  The office and everyone there are completely unpretentious, and the treatments actually felt good.  I would recommend anyone to this office.  Carrie B.

During a terrible fall I shattered my elbow.  It broke into more than a dozen pieces.  After hours of surgery and a dozen screws, the orthopedist held little hope that I would ever regain much of my arm.  Thank goodness I went to Hand Therapy Northwest.  It took a long time and a lot of work.  My arm is completely functional now, something even my orthopedist doubted would ever happen.  Elaine R.

I started with Hand Therapy Northwest when a thumb and forearm injury from a sit skiing accident would not heal on its own.  My doctor suggested hand therapy and within a few treatments I was getting relief.  The entire staff at HTNW is great.  With their help I am on my way to getting back on the slopes this season!  I want to give a "thumbs up" to everyboday at Hand Therapy Northwest!  You won't be disappointed!  Valerie C.

I think what makes (HTNW) so effective is their collective attitude of kindness and caring for their patients.  On each occassion they took the time to explain what they were going to do, how they were going to do it and what I could expect during the course of the treatments and recovery.  Just to sum it all up I would say they are excellent at treating you the person as well as treating the injury.  
Mark W.

My therapist was knowledgable, caring, and thorough.  Through the weeks of therapy, my thumb continued to improve and I had the chance to witness that the entire staff at Hand Therapy Northwest shares those same qualities.  Paula H.