During your initial evaluation your Occupational Therapy practitioner will gather pertinent information regarding your injury and conduct specific assessments to measure your current level of function.   Assessments may include range of motion (ROM), strength testing, edema measurements, and sensory evaluation. Depending on your diagnosis your therapist may fit you with a custom splint to provide support, protection, immobilization, or dynamic traction. Your treatment program will depend on the referral from your physician and the results from the assessments that your therapist obtains during the initial evaluation.   Your treatment may include the use of therapeutic modalities such as moist heat, ultrasound, and electrical stimulation.  It may also include manual therapy techniques such as soft tissue and joint mobilization.  Your therapist may add range of motion and strengthening exercises to focus on improving your overall hand and upper extremity function.


Hand Therapy Northwest accepts most major insurance plans including:

Labor and Industries Claims
First Choice 
Uniform Medical
Cigna/Great West
United Health Care
Auto Insurance Claims

For specific insurance or billing questions please call 
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